Checklist of Documents Needed

**We know this information can be overwhelming, but we are here to help! We are just a phone call or email away. Our goal is to make this process enjoyable and as smooth as possible for all parties involved. Collecting the items below upfront allows us to provide you with the most detailed qualification possible.**


  • Provide most recent paystubs for 1 month
  • Provide W-2's for the past two years
  • Provide all pages and schedules of last two years personal Federal tax returns
  • If self employed, provide all pages & schedules of last two years business tax returns & corporate K-1's
  • If retired, provide benefit award letter, last two years 1099's
  • If any rental income is received, provide copy of current lease agreement and mortgage statement
  • If VA and active duty personnel, copy of Statement of Service Letter and Off Base Housing Authority Letter
  • Provide ALL pages of most recent 2 months statements for all accounts; including all checking, savings, stocks, IRA, 401k, etc.
    The statements must show your name, account number and the name of the banking institution.
  • If funds to close will come from a gift, complete the gift letter and the following:
    • a. from the donor - bank statements showing the funds in the donor's account and a copy of the check from the donor's account
    • b. from the borrower - a copy of the deposit slip showing the gift check deposited into your account
  • If funds to close will come from sale of home, copy of Closing Disclosure from sale of home and deposit slip showing proceeds deposited into bank account
  • Copy of enlarged driver's license
  • Copy of divorce decree and complete marital settlement agreement
  • Bankruptcy? Copies of all BK discharge and credit explanation letter for reason for bankruptcy
  • Letter of explanation on any late payments, collections, charge off’s or derogatory credit
  • Letter of Explanation for all recent credit inquiries
  • If VA, Certificate of Eligibility or copy of DD214
  • Homeowners Insurance Agent's name, address, and phone number for the subject property
  • If refinance, copy mortgage statement from the current lender showing the account number
  • If you’re retaining your current residence, provide a mortgage statement showing taxes and insurance are included in the monthly payment

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