Home Loans for First-Time Homebuyers in MD

Taking out your first home loan can be a scary process. The good news is you can beat the fear and uncertainty by learning more. We’ve created many free resources to help you get a better understanding of the home-loan process.

Home Loans Made Simple – A step-by-step guide to understanding home loans, what home loans will cost, your home loan program options, and what you need to know about how to buy a house.

Run the Numbers – This page will help you understand whether home ownership makes good financial sense for you now.

Credit Score Basics – You already know your credit score will have a big effect on the home loan you receive. Arm yourself with knowledge and find out more about how your credit score factors into your plans.

[E-course] Quickly and Legally Raise Your Credit Score – Are you a few points shy of the minimum credit score you need to take advantage of certain home ownership programs? Find out how a few fast, legal changes can make all the difference.

[Report] Strategies for Establishing Credit Worthiness – Don’t have any credit? This report will show you how to prove your creditworthiness to lenders.

[Report] How to Buy a Home with Less than Great Credit – Tough breaks or the occasional mistake shouldn’t keep you from owning a home. Here’s what you can do to move on and work toward your dream home.

Mortgage Advice – Basic advice to help you navigate common issues and pitfalls that can affect your home loan.

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